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Thank you for visiting our site and we welcome the opportunity to help you with your financial planning needs wherever in the world you may be located. Whether you are looking to plan for your retirement, access international financial markets, insure yourself and your family against the unexpected or get the best possible advice on how to protect and grow your net worth, we are here to help.

Our network of International partners includes banks, Investment managers, insurance companies, Savings and Investment product providers, Pension and retirement plan providers, trust companies, private healthcare providers, tax planning specialists, lawyers, accountants, mortgage and property specialists, local knowledge experts and of course our international expatriate clients who provide us with referrals on a regular basis.

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Our unique Charity referral and member credit reward program launches on 15th November 2009 so please join our site by going to the member section and let us know which charities you would like us to support.

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Our Unique Charity Referral and Member Credit Reward Program
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Living or moving overseas from the UK with Pension Benefits?
Find out how you may be able to benefit from a QROPS.

1. No need to buy an Annuity
2. Income paid gross
3. No tax charge on passing assets to     Beneficiaries.

Do you have a UK Endowment Policy?
Did you know that you may be able to release the cash value of your UK endowment policy with up to 35%
more than the surrender value paid by the bank or insurance company who sold you the policy.

Perhaps you need access to cash or would like to look at more suitable investment options.
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